Skin Care

Our unique menu is tailored exclusively to you and designed to give you exactly what your skin needs. Our customized facials include layering electro micro-current lift/tone, radio wave tightening, LED photo softening and lightening, electric product penetration, serum hydration, and Reiki healing to transform your skin.

Micro-current is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body’s own electrical impulses to trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level, resulting in visible firming and revitalization of the skin. Two probes which transmit a safe low frequency are directed gently into the fascia beneath the facial skin. This gentle electrical micro-current stimulates the aging and sagging expression musculatures, re-educating, lifting, and firming muscle tone and tightening slack skin.

The micro-current rejuvenates skin tone, removing and softening lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, mouth, cheeks, and neck areas, by exercising the facial muscles, stimulating collagen production, and by breaking down and smoothing away calcified deposits that collect under the skin due to tension. Variation in the current and frequency of the micro-current can be concentrated on specific tissues and adapted to the individual needs of each client.