COVID-19 Policy

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Before your visit, please review the following information to help keep our space safe and healthy for our clients, practitioners, and staff.


  1. Wear a face mask to the clinic and for the duration of your treatment
  2. Wash your hands as soon as you arrive for check-in.
  3. Place all personal items in the plastic bin in your treatment room, to allow for easier disinfection.
  4. Arrive on time for your appointment. To maintain social distancing, we ask that if you arrive early, please call or text our staff to let them know, and you will be asked to wait outside or in your car until it is time for your appointment and we can safely let you in.
  5. Any friends or family accompanying you will be asked to wait outside of the clinic, either in a car or practicing social distancing outside.


  1. All patients will have their temperature checked with a non-contact thermometer upon arrival and will be asked a series of screening questions.
  2. You will be taken directly into a treatment room to allow for optimal social distancing during visits, and check-in and service administration will be kept to a minimum.
  3. We are disinfecting rooms and services after every treatment.
  4. All staff will be wearing appropriate PPE, which may include face masks, gloves, and/or face shields.
  5. We will be staggering appointments to allow for proper disinfecting and social distancing.

Safety procedures and additional COVID-19 informational resources.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the above information. Keeping the virus from spreading is a community effort, and we appreciate your help. Thank you!